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Make Friends on our Farm

Every day whatever the weather, there is lots of opportunity to make friends with the animals on our farm, and when you book online you’ll save £2 per person compared with our ‘on the door price’.

Learn, laugh and love every moment!

On the way in you’ll meet our furry friends, our Rabbits live outside and LOVE the attention they get from our visitors, next door to them you’ll find our Guineapigs.

As you cross the bridge, you’ll see to our Giant Sand Play area.

A visit to our farm would not be complete without a stop off to visit the mob at Meerkat Manor.   Peer over the fence or through the glass, and watch as these curious creatures scratch and play in the sand.  Watch long enough and you’re bound to see one of them climb up on to their look out and peer straight back at you.

Inside our Animal Barn you’ll find different animals at different times of the year.   Winter is when the barn is most full, whilst we rest the paddocks and at the same time keep our animals warm and dry.  Our Horses and Donkeys enjoy outside space and exercise every day.

During February, March and even April, our Ewe ‘Maternity Ward’ will be set up, and inside will be expectant mothers and their young lambs.

When Spring arrives and the weather is milder we start to move our animals into their paddocks on our Animal Trail.  Our Alpaca especially love this time of year when the days last longer and the sun shines for longer!

Visit our Exotic Room (inside our Animal Barn) and watch as our Iggy our Iguana scales his live planted accommodation, jumping from branch to branch hunting for food.  Admire the bright colours of Pascal our Panther Chameleon as he basks on a leafy branch under the warmth of his lamp, and count the Paddy Tree Frogs that live alongside Nala our Royal Python.

We have snakes, snails, lizards, skinks and spiders in our Exotic Room, inside ‘bio-active’ set ups, living  in harmony with little bugs known as the ‘clean up crew’, just like they would in nature.

All year round on our Animal Trail you will find Samba and Jazz our Reindeer, and Angel our Sika Deer, these animals love being outside in all weathers, and snuggle safely up in their Field Shelters at night.  Our Emu, Rhea and Chickens also reside on the trail year round.


Falconry And Birds Of Prey

We have Hawks, Owls and even a Bald Eagle.

All our birds are either in our flying team, or in training to join our flying team, so they get exercised and flown every single day of the week.

Falconry Flying Demonstrations are twice a day every day.   Flying Shows take place at 11.30am and 1pm and the displays are totally different e.g. in the morning you might see our Kestrel flying and we usually have an ‘Owl Show’ in the afternoon that showcases the flying skills of 2 different breeds of owls.     Our flying shows will showcase the natural flying or hunting styles of a different birds (schedule is weather dependent as some birds might like it windy, others prefer more still weather)

Head over and take your seat at the benches in our Flying Arena.

In line with guidance for Zoos, all our Birds of Prey being ‘free lofted’ with the exception of our Bald Eagle    Our Owls and some of our other birds will fly straight from their aviaries to take part in our flying shows.    This does mean you won’t see them on our weathering lawns.    For our Eagle Monty – when there is no risk of Avian Influenza you will see him sunbathing on our  Weathering Lawns near our Falconry Centre.

Other Regular Term-Time Activities

Rhubarb Theatre Interactive Story Time

‘MOST’ Mondays, the very talented Kirsty from Rhubarb Theatre will be at our farm spreading her own kind of joy with her charming interactive story time tales.  The performances last 50 minutes and combine music and movement in a way that keeps little ones, bigger ones and grown ups absolutely transfixed!  Please check out Facebook as there are very occasional Mondays that Kirsty has prior arrangements and can’t join us.


10.30am  – Goat Walking (meet at Goat Towers)

11.30am – Bird of Prey Show

12.15pm – Reindeer Feeding

1.00pm – Owl Show

2.15pm  – Meerkat Chat

2.30pm – Goat Walking

Please note timings may be subject to change, so please check on arrival


2024 Event Calendar

Rock the Farm

This is one of our favourite events.   Tickets are £19.95 and include entry to the Farm Park as well as access to our Festival Field.   With family friendly acoustic singers and covers bands belting out the classics from 2pm there is something for everyone.

We have a licenced bar selling draught lager, cider and cocktails as well as bottled beer and ales. Street Food like Pizzas, Loaded Fries, Hot Dogs, Burger and Freshly Baked Belgian Waffles are on the menu, and everyone can get involved with our festival photo booth and festival faces!

We have events on 15th July,  22nd July,  5th August and 19th August.

Our Pumpkin Patch

Visit during October and upgrade your day with a visit to our Pumpkin Patch.   Follow the Pumpkin Trail, solve the clues and claim your lollipop prize. Includes a visit to our Halloween Room, where you get your Glitter Tattoo and do your Creepy Keepsake Craft.   Don’t forget to collect your terrifyingly tasty sweet treat too!  Nearer the time you’ll be able to book your tickets by clicking on the Purple Tab at the top of our website.


Father Christmas will be back at Tattershall Farm Park throughout December.  On the way to our Traditional Woodland Nordic Grotto you’ll get to see Samba & Jazz our Reindeer.    They live with us year round, and only leave us for 1 very special night each year when they go on a magical Christmas journey.  Follow our Candy Cane trail around our farm, there’s lots of opportunity for festive photos, and a chance to sit in Santa’s Sleigh too!  Visit our Christmas Room, walk away with your Christmas Keepsake Craft and your letter to Santa, you can even make Magic (Eco friendly) Reindeer Food.     We’ll be running time slots ready for your personal meeting with Father Christmas and his helper.   Our Evening Father Christmas visits will be back again in 2024 – they offer a truly magical family Christmas experience.  Buy Christmas Event tickets nearer the time by going to the Purple Tab BOOK NOW on our website

February Half Term

This time of year is all about LAMBING!  We can’t promise, but there is always the change you may see a lamb being born on your visit.    We mostly leave the lambs with their mum, only intervening if we absolutely have to.  Check out Facebook for more details nearer the time

Mums go FREE on Mothers Day Weekend in March

This weekend its all about MUMS, enter the code LOVEMUM at the check out and for each booking with a paid for guest, mum will go free!   The discount will be applied at the check out.    We don’t stop there.  We’ll give every child visitor their own charming hand print craft, a perfect keepsake with little handprints you can keep forever!

Dads go FREE on Father’s Day Weekend in June

This weekend its all about DADS, enter the code LOVEDAD at the check out and for each booking with a paid for guest, dad will go free!   The discount will be applied at the check out.